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Submitted on
October 22, 2013


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With 295 comments to sift through, I decided to just sit down and list all the Friend Codes that were given. That way everyone can add everyone without a terribly large amount of hassle ^_^ In order to type Friend Codes into your 3DS, you will need your WIRELESS SWITCH to be turned on, plus you will need to be in a location with a RELIABLE INTERNET CONNECTION. Tap the Orange Box in the top bar of the touch screen in the home screen and then touch in the top right corner another orange box with a + sign. Choose the "Internet" option and manually enter a code! Remember that you will only have a "Friend with Provisions" unless you BOTH add each other! So be sure to let each other know that you've added them!

The more Friend Codes you have, the more Pokemon will show up in your Friend Safari, potentially with their Hidden Abilities!

**NOTE** Please stop asking for Feebas/Milotic offers and trades. They are currently UNOBTAINABLE without hacking because Pokemon Bank and Pokemon Transporter--the tools for backwards compatibility--have not been released on the eShop yet and will not be until sometime December 2013. Around 85% of all 700+ Pokemon are obtainable in XY itself, but Pokemon like non-Kalos and non-Kanto starters, most legendaries, etc., are currently impossible to have on the game right now. Pokemon Bank and Transporter will create, for the first time ever, an online CLOUD that you can store up to 3,000 Pokemon on, and with Transporter you can transfer them from your 5th generation Bank to your 6th generation Bank. Bank and Transporter will have connectivity with Black, White, Black 2, White 2, and X and Y. Any Pokemon from R/S/E/FR/LG/D/P/Pt/HG/SS will have to be migrated/transferred to those first four games and you will have to once again remove items. The annual maintenance fee (oh come on, all clouds have them) will be 4.99 USD.

Spinda-Der-Stahl 2165-6204-7155
spewing 3110-4032-5589
Neukino 1736-0857-4313
Silvantica 1779-0704-0652
Princess-Noodles 1805-3581-4299
caput-lupinum 0344-9690-4028
aquashiram14 1934-1168-8849
Radioactive-Darky 4742-5772-7805
Herkal 5386-8439-5225
Runya-Isamu 2637-9934-6548
Lazy-Gamer 1736-1249-5293
hitsugaara 1220-7289-2319
WarpedPerception 4184-1443-3485
Emo-Violinist 0877-1219-6944
PipoTechyon 3566-2449-2151
maca33 4511-0938-3226
Sammy-Wright 5172-0959-9554
SuperArtNinja 1160-9740-1115
Baz1nga 0963-0260-1839
DenisBlitzle 5112-3490-8234
garretonzo 3282-3092-3967
Wail 2852-7925-9438
Shad0wmoses 4613-7478-3930
fireflyeievui 3024-5950-5606
Easle-Darkpaws 0189-9366-6880
Dariganc92 1693-1446-1570
Haleythecat 4098-2488-7733
Rilakkuma2013 4398-9539-6385
shadowhatesomochao 2535-4110-5499
Pamuya-Blucat 4983-5799-3141
Amity-And-Sorrow 5429-6908-4342
MsLunarUmbreon 3969-4614-0158
PaintSet 4854-6620-2429
Raichulolrat 5215-0246-7137
NoaQep 0345-0679-8031
Lucain24 5386 8461 7107
EternalNova 5386-7574-2647
xKirameku-Lunaix 0387-8820-7261
ValentineIllusion  1504-5917-1004
XxmimixX2 1220-6683-1777
FlairNightz 1118-0639-2867
Sergeant-Sunflower 5257-9703-8647
Berry-Kawaii12 5327-1992-5908
Desk05 1805-2497-6643
FabLL 1118-0639-2867
dburch01 5000-2523-2668
MasamuneMarth 2019-9689-2577
norochan 0189-9396-4109
Kat-Skittychu 0533-4658-9922
Zulfara 0834-1840-4628 and  her husband! 2793-0705-3338
DeadAmaranth 4313-0464-4390
NightmareInspections 5327-2069-8341
Albablue 4785-4248-3154
mastergray 3437-4127-3274
BattlePyramid 4398-9141-2196
Kats-tan 0232-7657-7464
SilverFangLegend 4484-8953-5292
KodiKat 5472-6822-1822
AmazonianFisherman 4914-4071-2772
searchman1 2406-5302-4058
Yanang 5455-9849-0546
Hetaoni00 5343-8969-2088
AliceBlueMudkip 2251-5249-6815
DarkKaosAnime 4570–8044–4018
The-Wind-Rider 4098-2859-3820
SinfullyCute 0731-5589-6143
Kandarinu 3437-4480-4350
GQuin 0920-0715-4194
rateofdifference 0361-7104-0421
JamesRolfeII 4012-4213-5398
clarkwarrenjr 1005-9887-8506
Kiwi-Ink 2294-4264-8235
MyDeviousDeath 0216-0806-6273 and friend's: 3668-8655-6452
lutamesta 1392-5265-7728
Reganismyfirstname 2664 - 2577 - 6674
FearTheFluffy 3024-6167-2481
JustSyl 0146 9963 5696
XRainbowIceCreamX 1907-8184-3354
Liamliamliam800 3050-8210-2882
Fucal 1993 - 8212 - 5764
Huggiez-EXE 2809-8215-1548
AlbaStrix 0516 - 7817 - 5656
SolitaryEmbers 1032-1377-9011
emoTsai 4270-0308-0134
angel-of-time 2380 - 3719 - 8652

Remember that 100 Friend Codes is the maximum number you guys can have :3

If you've got a Friend Code not here or a Trade Request or just want to in general chat and communicate so you can all add each other, feel free to comment, of course :) I just thought that maybe...maybe...a list in the journal would help? Maybe >w<

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Flamys-Art Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2014  Student General Artist
DarkKittySucker Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
Anyone have a Safari whit Trapinch i need more safaris only have 4
I have grass safari whit
Pansage,Sawsbuck & Gogoat
cosenza987 Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Contact me for 2 lvl 100 luxrays shiny
Azuriite Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
A-Add me? ;w;

I need a shinx c:
cosenza987 Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
i only have luxray
Flamys-Art Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2014  Student General Artist
mines 5412-9995-2032
Azuriite Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
A-Add me? ;w;
DoremiSanyouluv Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
im lookin for a zapodos lv 50 or higher for my lv. 40 thundurus
i guess you can tell its a trade request
Amity-And-Sorrow Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Looking for a Safari that might have Ditto in it? If anyone has one, comment me back! I would love to add you~. 

Also still looking for a Grass type Safari with a Sawsbuck in it! Once again, if you've one, please comment back~!
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