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Welcome to the Pokemon-X-Y pokemon fan group. I'm one of the contributors for this group and i got a question for all members here. If the pokemon game Pokemon X and Y came out and like any game you start from the beginning. Which starter pokemon would you choose?

Chespin Sprite by NasukeUchimaki

Froakie Sprite by NasukeUchimaki

Fennekin Animation by NasukeUchimaki

Leave comments below of your answers. its your choice whether or not you want to add to it, but I would like to know why you would choose that particular starter pokemon. I'm curious to find out which starter pokemon would come out most popular in this group. ^.^

(Sprite art brought to you by NasukeUchimaki a fellow member of the Pokemon-X-Y. Thank you for the art ^.^)

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